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Environmental Roadmaps for your office

Are you curious about the environmental footprint of your office space? Would you like some ideas on how to reduce it? 

Globally offers environmental assessments for office spaces where we review current practices and build an environmental roadmap of easy-to-implement solutions. To do this, we:  

  • Conduct a professional walk-through of your office to identify all environmental aspects of your business. 

  • Conduct an as-is assessment of all current policies and procedures. 

  • Build a sustainability roadmap with tailor-made and easy-to-implement solutions.

  • Offer connectivity to our wide network of sustainability solution providers who can support you in successful implementation of environmental solutions. 

  • Lead an interactive 1-hour environmental awareness session, discussing the current office situation, and agree on solutions and how they will be introduced. 

Path to net zero

Getting your business to net zero could well be easier than you imagine.  

Partner with Globally, as we work through: 

  • Your current carbon footprint. 

  • Practical solutions to reducing that footprint (which co-incidentally often result in material cost savings and therefore an improvement in your bottom line). 

  • Potential carbon offsets, how they work, how much they cost and how you can maximize the benefits. 

  • Your path to net zero communications plan