At Globally we imagine a world where our children are not worried about climate catastrophe, where the oceans are full of fish, not plastic, where the air we breathe is unpolluted and where animals and plants are thriving. 


At Globally we believe in the power of communication, connection and community. 


At Globally we are confident that together we can change the world. 


At Globally we invite you to join us. Explore our global video sharing platform and upload your own videos about sustainable innovations, ideas and initiatives. If you have an innovation that could help the Middle East be more sustainable drop us a line. Read sustainable news from the Middle East region (there is more good news than you might expect :-)). 


If you are based in the Middle East, talk to us about your company’s vision for a more sustainable future. Together we can plan workshops to educate and inspire your team, use our network to find companies who can help you innovate, run competitions to reward sustainable action, and build social media strategies to showcase your own innovations to the world. And if you have a big sustainable project but don’t have the resources to deliver it alone contact us; we might be able to help. 

We dream without limitations and display our enthusiasm in the stories we tell. We consider the world our playground and define ourselves by our perseverance to achieve ambitious goals for our clients, for our partners and for ourselves.
Only together can we accomplish more, change perceptions, inspire happiness, connect minds, nurture dreams and invent the future.
We are Globally