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About us

At Globally we imagine a world where our children are not worried about climate catastrophe, where the oceans are full of fish, not plastic, where the air we breathe is unpolluted and where animals and plants are thriving. 
At Globally we believe in the power of communication, connection and community. 
At Globally we are confident that together we can change the world. 
We invite you to join us. 

Talk to us about your company’s vision for a more sustainable future. Tell us where you are on your own sustainability journey – and we can help you Construct, Connect, Change and Communicate. 

If you have an innovation that could help the Middle East be more sustainable drop us a line. 

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Our Vision

As the risks of environmental degradation, climate change and resource depletion become increasingly pressing, businesses have a vital role to play in shaping a sustainable future. Addressing these risks and incorporating sustainability into corporate strategies is essential to creating a sustainable environmental, social and economic system. At Globally, we see a future where business is playing a leadership role through action and example.

Our Mission

We are a for-impact organization which incorporates environmental and social stewardship into our own operations and recognizes it as a key component of sound business performance.
Our mission: to facilitate companies in being environmental stewards, investors in social capital and leaders in sound and fully integrated governance. By taking the time to understand businesses and their ambitions, we guide and support tangible environmental, social and governance action that achieves sustained results and fuels growth. In short we support business in becoming more sustainable. 

Our Goals

  1. To transition businesses in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world from a profit-centric model to one that encompasses and balances economic, environmental and social objectives.

  2. To develop the next generation of sustainability professionals by providing employment, mentoring and training opportunities for young people who share our passion for sustainable action.

  3. To contribute, through the use of our people and financial resources, to the successful implementation of ESG-related projects in the wider community. 

  4. To improve the welfare of blue-collar workers by supporting businesses in implementing educational and mental health programmes.  

  5. To reduce the greenhouse gas emissions intensity of businesses by supporting them in quantifying emissions and implementing practical steps to reduce them.  



Supplier diversity policy

Globally recognizes the importance of having a diverse and inclusive supply chain. We are therefore committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers with ownership from underrepresented groups. This means we give preference to suppliers with small, minority-owned, women-owned, people of determination-owned, veteran-owned and LGBTQ- owned business enterprises, when all business considerations are determined to be equal among competitive suppliers. 

The purpose of Globally’s supplier diversity policy is to provide opportunities to diverse suppliers that satisfy our standards while supporting our clients in achieving their own corporate diversity goals.

  • Encourage all employees to actively seek out suppliers with ownership from underrepresented groups that can provide high-quality, competitive goods and services, and whose business model is aligned with our business strategy.

  • Ensure the inclusion of suppliers owned by underrepresented groups as part of our processes. 

  • Communicate the value of supplier diversity both internally and externally to all stakeholders.


Our team

Beneficial ownership

Globally is 100% owned by Keith Bradley. Globally is a for-purpose organisation with all profits being reinvested in the business and its programmes.

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