Global Innovation Award 2021

At Globally we imagine a world where our children are not worried about climate catastrophe, where the oceans are full of fish, not plastic, where the air we breathe is unpolluted and where animals and plants are thriving. 


At Globally we believe in the power of communication, connection and community. 



Are you based in the Middle East and looking for innovations to make the future of your business a more sustainable one? We have strong connections, ourselves and through our partners, to the global innovation community. Give us an innovation challenge and we will happily find companies who may be able to help you solve it. Or if you just want to be kept informed of sustainable innovations relevant to your industry, drop us a line.



Could your business help make the Middle East more sustainable? If yes, we would love to have a conversation. 


Between us, we have over 20 years of experience developing businesses in the region and an extensive network of contacts who are passionate advocates for making the region more sustainable. 


Contact us and let’s see if we can make your business a success in the region and make the region more sustainable as a result. 




Would you like your work colleagues or employees to be passionate advocates for sustainable best practices in your business? Would you like help to identify new opportunities to make your business more sustainable and thereby reduce costs, engage employees and create a positive impression with your customers?


We build on sustainable best practice to inspire your team to establish a sustainable governance framework or implement a programme of sustainable innovations and improvements. 


Our inspiration workshops are high energy, engaging events. They are usually run over half, one or two days and are always specific to your industry, your business and your participants. If you would like to have a conversation, please contact us. 



Want to inspire your team, your customers or your suppliers to take sustainable action? Want to reach out to school children, young people or the wider community? Talk to us about running a competition. Our competition formats are designed to inspire, engage and produce action. Talk to us about designing a bespoke competition for you



Is your company implementing sustainable projects? We believe in the power of example so whatever big or small steps you are taking toward a greener future, we would be super happy to work with you to tell the world. We create case study videos and social media-friendly videos, and we advise on and execute social media campaigns to showcase your sustainable best practice and encourage others to follow you.


Have a crazy idea that you only half believe can be implemented? We don’t promise we can deliver every idea, but we certainly love to try. For example, we are currently working on a green dream home for the desert and a food waste recycling activation at Expo2020.