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SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

Awarded by:

Power Knot

The LFC Biodigester digests food waste at source and prevents from sending to landfill eliminating carbon footprint and create sustainable natural cycles.

Continuus Materials

We use waste plastic and paper to make cost competitive, highly engineered, circular commercial roofing products. 


A real innovative alternative, derived from sugar cane co-products, to fight against the pollution of traditional plastics.


The technical knowledge to use Polyvinyl Butyral waste as raw material for developing circular waterproofing materials, like flashing and flat roofing. 


Mamut manufactures building materials from recycled granulated rubber from disused tires



SDG 14 - Life Below Water

Awarded by:

Eco Wave Power

Creating clean electricity from ocean waves 

The Silverstream


Our air lubrication technology, the Silverstream® System, is a market leading clean technology solution for the shipping industry, which reduces fuel consumption and associated emissions by 5-10%.


Clean, Safe, Circular and Cost Efficient sand blasting technology that stops paint microplastic emissions


The 4FOLD foldable shipping container, can be folded to ¼ of its volume, four folded containers become one interconnected bundle that is handled like one container creating more room on vessels, docks, trains and trucks, by saving emissions and cost on a large scale.


Patented, field & lab-proven HW retrofit solution, featuring dynamic & load-based injections of hydrogen, oxygen, water & methanol via 3 different locations of the air intake in different quantities and combinations, for advanced combustion conditioning, leading to a leaner and cleaner combustion



SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities

Awarded by:

Roofit Solar Energy

A unique metal roofing material integrated with monocrystalline silicon elements.

Holland Water

Our unique Bifipro® system has grown into the ultimate, most sustainable, system for combatting biofilm and Legionella in drinking and cooling water

80 Acres Farms

80 Acres Farms is a vertical farming leader that grows 300 times more fresh food in communities on less than 1% of the land, with 97% less water, zero pesticides or runoff, 90% less fertilizer through our world-class technology and data analytics. We offer customers a wide variety of nutritious, pesticide-free food at an affordable price, with longer shelf-life, and the highest standards in food safety

SunRise Solar

The SunRise Solar Fan removes attic heat using the free power of the sun, reducing air conditioning costs during hot weather


Air quality and smart building - an AI powered solution

SaltX Technology

Energy storage with nanocoated salt



Overall - Global Innovation Award

Awarded by:

IBIS Power

PowerNEST is a revolutionary, innovative renewable energy solution for high rise buildings, combining wind and solar power to generate up to 6 times more energy on the limited roof space, compared to the current practice of roof solar panels, and blending seamlessly with a wide range of architectural styles, without producing any noise, vibrations or other disturbances

Wasser 3.0

We developed the first filter-free, low-tech solution for the removal of microplastics continuously regardless of the type of water.

Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects

Our HACo system is a new cooling technology that cools down and dehumidifies outside air and captures the water from this air, resulting in a chilled environment around the crops and a lower water demand


Leveraging electrically active microbes, EcoVolt solutions take advantage of the energy found in high-strength, organic wastewater streams and efficiently treat wastewater while extracting clean energy and clean water, allowing food and beverage producers to simultaneously cut wastewater management costs and achieve sustainability goals


The service proposed by Unseenlabs is a maritime surveillance service, allowing the location and characterization of ships at sea from space, based on the operation of a constellation of Cube satellites. By ensuring the safety of ships and helping to prevent criminal (piracy, illegal traffic, etc.) or anti-environmental acts (illegal fishing, degassing, etc.) Unseenlabs wants to assist all involved in the maritime sector in controlling sensitive sea areas in a precise and fast manner.

LG Sonic

The MPC-Buoy is a floating, solar-powered system that combines real-time water quality monitoring and ultrasonic sound waves to control algae in lakes and reservoirs effectively


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